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Josh Martz

I'm a college student. I'm a closet gamer. I love my games, but I generally don't go around touting that fact. Yes, I know, it's sad, but true.

*cries and hides in a corner*

So with my limited budget and lack of considerable constant gaming, is it really in my best interests to purchase a Collector's Edition of a game? I certainly can't think of a reason. Let's analyze the finer points.

1. You get some cool stuff with the game.
Yes, this is true. There are pendants you can get in some editions, a leather map, or a statuette of some kind. Woo. What am I going to do with a pendant? Wear it? Around town? Why? It doesn't exactly go with anything I'd wear...the fact that I'm a guy doesn't really help much either (if you want to wear a pendant, by all means...). A leather map? I don't understand why that is useful. I get to look at something that feels different than paper. There is no incentive there. A statuette? Ok, we're getting somewhere here. A statuette would be ok, except displaying it somewhere and then having to explain that it comes from some obscure game isn't my cup of tea (I have a hard enough time pointing out that I listen to game music excessively). ^^;;

I know that some people are completely comfortable with their gaming actions. I don't look at it as bad. I hang out with many different groups of people, and I know that videogaming isn't everyone's bag, so I know when to keep some stuff to myself.

2. Money
I don't have THAT much money, and based on the above logic, I don't think that it's worth it. Of course, there's always the off chance that I could buy the thing and sell it later for a profit. But I'm a lazy packrat, so I never get rid of anything, nor do I have the energy to get up and sell it, so ultimately it comes down to me not caring enough to do anything with the things I buy. I should probably just not buy anything. But wait, I'm American! Consumerism is my hobby! Hehehehe!

So, I just find that there's no need for me to waste extra money on some extraneous item that provides me with absolutely no satisfaction. Ah well, I'm sure someone out there will buy it.

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