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John Guffey

So I’m sitting in my living room unwrapping a copy of Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete. The design of the cover tells me that my main characters humble beginning will eventually turn into a great adventure. The multi-tiered CD case lets me know that there’s going to be a lot to enjoy when I can get around to it. The “Working Designs” logo of a solid object is being swept away into little particles by some divine wind. This block of plastic is serious.

After carefully placing the disk over the CD tray and making sure not to scratch the bottom I notice the vivid image of people I am going to meet and get to know. They’re hopeful but see something unfortunate that I cannot. I want to take care of this disc, and I haven’t even played the game yet.

I close my Playstation and go back to the case, noticing that the other disk depicts as similar cast of passionate souls from another universe. None of this is real I make sure to remind myself; swords and sorcery don’t really exist. And yet these people came from somewhere. Someone decided to breathe life into the same scenario that has been crafted hundreds of times before, a tale of heroes and those who are with or against them.

At the title screen there is a whirling of colors and a quick scene reminding me of how much fun I’m going to have killing toxic bushes over and over again. Somehow I’m not bothered because the box let me know that nothing I’m about to do is in vain. My virtual parents understand, my virtual best friend is full of vigor, and my virtual gal is wagging her finger. All seems to be in order.

There are many video games today that shirk the effort of making the outside of their product appealing. Everyone figures that what gamers want is the content, gamers want to gain experience, and gamers want to be the hero. But it’s hard to take a product seriously at first when it comes in a light CD case with a 2 page manual and a single disk. There is an aura that surrounds each new video game I spend my cash on. Perhaps these are the last remnants of my belief in Santa Claus, I’m unsheathing a gift…but it’s the middle of July. That is one thing that separates my favorite games from the ones I think are “pretty cool”. If the developer is giving me a gift, then I’m going to enjoy the slaying that much more.

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