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New Year's Resolutions for the College Gamer

Stephanie "Angel" McArdle

It's a new year. Several games came out toward the end of 2005 that I am interested in but lack the funding to purchase at the present time. A next generation console that I am interested in is on the horizon. Time seems to be slipping away. Another semester of school is about to begin. Sound familiar? Though a week late, I thought I'd share my gaming resolutions for the year 2006.

Get a Job. I have been in this gray area since I started going to college. I lost my job back in October of 2004 and pretty much only worked for the technical college I go to since then. Now, it's getting down to crunch time for my internship so I can graduate with my degree. I suppose this resolution has already taken care of itself. Before Christmas, I found out that I got a job doing pre-press at a screen printing shop. I find out more details in the coming week. My bank account will start seeing more than $50 every two weeks soon, and I won't have to try randomly winning a scratch off to afford a game again.

Hunt Down and Purchase New Games. "Hunt down" basically implies I will be looking for used versions of the games I want, or will wait until used ones start filtering in. Off the top of my head, only three games come to mind that I want. Radiata Stories, Magna Carta and Shadows of the Colossus. I hear mixed reviews on Radiata Stories and Magna Carta, but at the right price I'm willing to take the risk. Shadows of the Colossus was not on my radar at all until everyone started talking about it. It was the same way with Dragon Quest VIII, which I didn't decide to buy until our resident slime hyped it up so much.

Set Aside Time to Game. Having time to game has been a real issue with me of late, and is only going to get worse. I just had some time off from school and had every intention of beating Dragon Quest VIII, but have only made it through 53 hours of the game. I find myself distracted when I do have time to game and then it doesn't happen. Once I am back in school and working, my weekends will be my only free time. I will make sure to get my gaming fix during those two days.

Beat Unfinished Games. As mentioned, I haven't beaten Dragon Quest VIII yet. Other games on this list, starting from things I started awhile ago, are: Xenosaga: Episode II, Mario Kart, Mario 64 DS, Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time and Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga. Yes, I am playing the Mario and Luigi games out of order. My current goal is to finish Dragon Quest VIII and have the others follow that one. We'll see how that goes.

Start Revolution Fund. Yes, the Revolution is the next generation system I am most interested in. So far the Xbox 360 hasn't impressed me, and the PS3 will only catch my attention after it comes way down in price and has games on it I care about. With the Revolution, I'll finally be able to play those Game Cube games that I've wanted to play but can't because Mom never lets me play. The fact I can download older games is also very appealing to me. So, I'll have to start a fund for the system and a few new games for it for its release later this year.

Stay Sane. Sanity is a relative term. I'd like to think I'm sane, but with all I take on I sometimes wonder. My goal here is to find an equal balance between school, work, gaming and editorials. Until this point, I've been relatively lucky by not having to endure this struggle. Here's hoping it doesn't put me on the fast lane to a burnout.

Between my upcoming internship, game hunting, playing said games and scraping up money to afford a new system, my year is looking to be relatively busy. Here's hoping my sanity stays intact as I take on the year 2006, and stop trying to write 2005 on everything.

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