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Stephanie "Angel" McArdle

After writing my last editorial, Don't Judge A Game By Its Demo, I received an email that really sparked my curiosity. I personally don't play Final Fantasy XI myself, and only mentioned things that I had read in Q&A. I tend to avoid MMORPGs, or any online game in general, due to the hole in my pocket.

The email suggests that Final Fantasy XII is similar to Final Fantasy XI mechanically. It appears similar in controls, overall feel and visuals. So this got me a little curious. I did some research and started reading the demo's thread that I didn't stumble upon until after I wrote the editorial. The common theme in there was, basically, complaining that Final Fantasy XII truly is an offline Final Fantasy XI. I'm still inclined to disagree, even though my opinion is biased.

Final Fantasy XII may be sort of a middle ground between what "traditional" Final Fantasy used to be and Final Fantasy XI, which received much hate for being an MMORPG and also a numbered game in the series. If the battle system truly is a cross breed between XI and the other games, then it may be meant for gamers like me who can't afford to waste money on MMOs.

With that said, and after reading conflicting opinions on the subject, I propose this question: Just how similar are the battle systems of Final Fantasy XI and Final Fantasy XII, really? Which mechanics are similar? Which are different? I'm not asking if you liked the battle system or not, just how the systems compare to each other.

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