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The Siren's Song


I would like to introduce you to a young lady. Her hair is silver gold, long rich tresses running down her back. Her eyes are innocent and blue. She has the fairest skin in the land.

What does she want? She wants to help you, to grant all your wishes and make your life easier. What does she want in return? Nothing, she'd just like to help.

She wants to protect people, to sing, to bring joy, and use the gifts that only she has to make everyone happy.

She wanted to love and to be loved. She wanted to love everything.

But there are those who want to kill her, to strike her down, cut her throat out, and leave her flesh torn apart. She is defenseless before these demons, for she does not want to hurt them. They are people too. They deserve to be loved, to be cared for, and to be protected.

She's forgiving. She wants to protect them all.

What's her name, you may ask? Myria.


I'd like to introduce you to someone else. A terrifying demon who enslaves men's souls. A power hungry beast that cares nothing for you only so much as you worship her. A goddess of destruction.

Towns? Beware for they will be burned to the ground. Families? Torn apart to suit her whims. It is not beyond this monstrous being to turn brother against brother with its magic and words. Entire clans are her playthings.

She does not forgive. She does not forget.

She has come to rule over all, and if you will not give yourself in peace, then she will take your life in war.

What is her name, you may ask? Myria.


One may wonder how such a conundrum takes place. This can't be the same person. Myria is actually something rather classical in literature. She is a siren, a female template which charms and misleads its victims into their own destruction, seeking to avoid having to attack on their own. She's a multifaceted character who shows primarily a pleasant motherly face, shrouded in beauty and light and goodness until she's in danger, forcing her to fall back to her true self, a fearsome demon. Her tempting visage allowed her to play the dragons against each other, glorifying her both in praise and in bloodshed.

This editorial was actually written in three parts, separated by the ellipse. The first part was written during editorials hour as a sort of answer to a confused fan who got pulled in by the siren-like demeanor of Myria, but as it was indicated that it was also too misleading, I've added in an explanation and alternate side of it to try and give the idea of how it was.

In truth, Myria isn't really either of those stories but something in-between. She does fit a classic Siren's template, but this also is partially created by the fact that she comes to believe that what she says is true. That she is a goddess of right and light and goodness that no one should oppose because her power is the only path of salvation. Whether this is a delusion formed from her years locked away and her own defeat at the hands of the dragon clan's power is hard to say, but behind the mask of perfection lies a character who is fearful and obsessed and willing to kill anyone who stands in her way.

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