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Coffee Time


So you've just battled your way through zombie hordes and slime monsters from beyond. You've got some goo on you. You might even be out! Horrible, isn't it? You've been underground for what feels like days, besieged from all sides. Then you come out, your friends following close behind as you take the first few steps back into sunlight. The stench on your clothes is horrible. Then you see them, a little twist in their hair and a red ribbon above their short pudgy forms, a bulbous nose and jovial sort of atmosphere about them. They yammer at you in nigh indecipherable script and hold their noses. Why? Because you stink like the dickens. They point you to a hot spring and you and your friends settle in.

It's kind of relaxing, the stress leaving the shoulders, the pains fading away. Everything is good in the world. Then... they offer you coffee.

Unexpected, really. It hits like a ton of bricks, were those bricks relaxing pillows and feathers toying with your mind. Or just the developers of Earthbound saying, that was pretty weird, why don't you sit down with Mr. Saturn and have a little break. Coffee Time with Mr. Saturn...and us.

Itís a relaxing little segue in the middle of the tale, the designers taking a bit to sit down with young Ness and talk with him about the wild adventure he, and by extension you, has been having. About all the craziness and how, when he puts down this cup of coffee, he's going to go back into the land of weirdness. Of course, the coffee, while relaxing, is weird enough itself. It is an interesting concept though, taking a break in the middle of the game. Relaxing, hanging out with Mr. Saturn instead of rushing on.

All casual and neat, you're sitting down for coffee, the definitive break environment. Then it is over and the game continues on.

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