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I'm Blue (da ba dee)


Blue blue. Blue blue. Everything must be made blue.

Earthbound is home to many unusual happenings. A sentient pile of puke leading a horde of the undead, five huge moles who all insist they are the third strongest, and Mr. Saturn Valley, to name just a few. But none sticks out more in my mind than the Happy Happyists.

Twoson opens after the seemingly quest in itself of leaving Onett. You get a brief respite upon entering to check out your new surroundings, do some shopping, pick up a bike, etc. etc. But soon after you happen upon another quest, that of rescuing Paula, who's been kidnapped from the Polestar Preschool.

Your quest leads you through Peaceful Rest Valley, and after emerging from the other side, you come across a town where everything The houses are all blue, the stores all have the word blue in their title, even a cow is blue! On top of that, you are randomly accosted by hooded people in blue wielding paint brushes, which of course, come with blue paint.

The reasoning behind such a thing is even more bizarre, as it turns out. A man who can control lightning, Carpainter, has received orders from a sentient statue to paint anything and everything blue.

Oh, and he also received the orders to kidnap Paula. Fancy that, eh?

Oh, and it's fun too.

Now if you'll excuse me, I've got to go do my blue chant before going to bed.

Blue blue. Blue blue. Everything must be made blue.

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