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Airships: Vintage or Hightech?

Brian Cowan

Floating fortresses, flying barges, sailing ships, and futuristic aerial warships; Airships come in as many forms as there passengers do. However lately I have noticed that more and more of our beloved guardians of the sky are taking on a high-tech look. Meanwhile the old wooden sailing ships are being seen less and less. Call me old fashioned, but I liked the way things used to look, like in the early Final Fantasy games, or Skies of Arcadia. I would much rather command the Enterprise from Final Fantasy IV, than the airship from Final Fantasy X. I have seen the some of the ships to be featured in Final Fantasy XII and they are no better.

Now some of you may be wondering why I prefer the dirty old ships against the shiny new ones. Well, that's one reason right there, I don't want my airship to be shiny, I like mine to look old and grimy. Another reason is that I like to know my ship, how it works and such, old ships are pretty simple, sails and propellers. The new ones are a different story, I don't even have idea how they do half the things they do! Then there are the weapons, I like cannons, with visible ammunition, not missiles or lasers or pulse cannons. Lastly I would have to say that I like my ship to have limitations, it seems like the ships in most games now days are nearly invincible. I like to have a powerful ship as much as anybody else, but not one so powerful it could single handedly take out half the enemy.

Please someone tell me why the high-tech approach is better, because I would really like to know. I mess the old days when you could know and feel the ship around you, but now they are just too artificial for my taste. I understand that many people like the bigger, better ones, but I just want at least some games to continue to feature the good old wooden, sail-powered airship, if just to make people like me happy again.

So that's what I have to say about that, if you agree good for you, and if not well... that's your choice. In closing let me say to those who share my opinion, don't just sit there, let people know how you feel. I know that the day of the wooden airship may have past, and I know that it may never have the glory it once did, but that does not mean it should be done away with all together. The concept still has some life left in it, it just needs to be backed up by a good plot, with good characters. Thanks for enduring this rant turned editorial, now if you excuse me, I have to go find something to eat...

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