Remaking Games - Bringing Back the Best

by Matthew Knight

Original Editorial: Remaking Games

I am afraid that I am strongly against Jean Burtless's opinion on remaking games. Yes, great games are better left untouched, but if the best can become better, it will show the gaming industry what's up. I feel that these new games are great, but always seem to lack something their predecessors had.

Don't get me wrong; I'm not saying that I feel every game should be remade. Actually, I am against many games getting a remake. Some games are better left dead. However, there are some games that you go back and play over and over just because you miss the characters or the battle system or some other aspect of the game. Some games you just feel need to be done over again.

Take Wild Arms Alter Code: F, for example. The original was a great game with well thought out characters, an intense plot, and a good battle system. Graphics and guidance within the game were a little poor to say the least. In Alter Code: F, the graphics are being redone completely and they have the chance to do other things to make the game better. It's basically taking a great game from the past and adding elements from today to make it more welcomed in the industry today.

If they do a great job, that is great. Other games may be remade, and I have no problem with that. I feel series like Final Fantasy, and Dragon Warrior and games like Legend of Legaia and Legend of Dragoon, could be remade to look great. They could also be ruined. However, whether the remakes are good or not, a gamer could always go back to the original game they loved and play it again, no harm done. I say bring on the remakes, new games are great, but the oldies are legends.

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