Rebuttal to Remaking Games

by Draygone

Original Editorial: Remaking Games

Some time ago, I had the same opinion that Jean has about remakes. When Mario All-Stars was released for the SNES, for example, I wished that the games had their original look and sound. Lately, though, my opinion somehow changed, and I started to like how games were given new looks, and wished that some games were updated some when they weren't. FF Anthology and Chronicles come to mind.

Now while I do agree that it is nice to see games being rereleased to show people what gaming life was like before all this 3D craze hit (I'm a 2D fan), I don't think keeping the games in their original forms is always a good thing. Take FF Origins for example. Here we have the first two Final Fantasy games, released on the PlayStation with revamped graphics and sound. Do you think Origins would have sold well if these games kept their old NES graphics and sound? Of course not. I've played the original NES FF1, and I can say that the graphics and sound were absolutely horrible compared to today's standards. And while I'd hate to admit it, the average consumer seems to decide to get games based on how nice a game looks. Sure, the revamped 2D graphics are still a bit low on the technological level to get many gamer's interest, but I'm sure the game would've sold pretty badly had there been no graphical (or aural) changes.

Of course, I'm not saying that all rereleased games have to have updated graphics. Games like FF6 and Chrono Trigger would be difficult to improve on graphically in the 2D realm, and turning them into 3D games would actually lower their prettiness (though it would still be awesome to see one of these games in 3D splendor). I have yet to see a 3D game with as much lush detail as I have in some of the best looking SNES and GBA games. But for those games with obvious room for improvement, I say let's spruce it up! Either that, or developers should try including two graphical versions for these games, the original look and the new look, that way everybody will be happy.

While I do like the idea of graphical remakes, I also think there should be some conditions. I don't like the idea of remaking games when they're only a generation old. Taking PlayStation for example, in my opinion they should forget about updating any of those games until the PS3. By then, there will be more new people than before. Otherwise, there will still be too many people who own the original, and a lot of them will be thinking, "Why bother?" Also, if they do remake a game, they shouldn't stop with updated graphics and sound. Remakes should be treated like DVD special editions. I want some extra stuff included to justify the purchase of a game I already own. Square Enix took a step in the right direction with the PSX releases of Chrono Trigger, FF6, and FF Origins. Let's hope that other companies follow this example.

Well, I think that about covers what I have to say. Remakes are acceptable, but only when they're necessary, when the console they've been on has been long dead, and when they include some nice extra bonus stuff. Oh, and developers shouldn't go overboard with these. Maybe one remake after at least every two or three new games. And...that's it. Not the best closing to a rebuttal, but it'll do.

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