Remaking Games

by Jean Burtless (Jbumi)

I've been thinking about all the games that are being remade. I'm not so sure this is such a great idea.

Porting is one thing. As has been said a million times, many people never got into RPGs until Final Fantasy VII. It would then follow that they never owned a system until the original PlayStation. So, for Square (or any other company) to decide to port over games from the old Nintendo or Sega systems to the PS makes sense. If it's a series (like the Final Fantasies), you get a chance to see how that series has evolved & hopefully, grown. If it's not a series, but was considered a great game, you now get a chance to play it.

What if Leonardo DaVinci were alive today & decided that the Mona Lisa would look much better if he did the artwork on his Mac & just tossed that old canvas & oil paint copy in the garbage? If I'm going to play an older game, I want to play it the way it was originally developed. Minus any real bugs that should have been fixed the first time.

I find this especially crazy in the case of something like Wild Arms. That game is not only on a system that is still having new games developed for it, but it's successor system will also play the original game! If the developers aren't happy now with how it turned out or think they can make it better looking, well, turn that energy & those ideas into an all new game!!

Don't get me wrong, I'm not comparing Wild Arms to DaVinci, but if this redone WA does well, I'm afraid it will lead to a trend. What if somebody gets the bright idea to redo Chrono Trigger (or insert any game you love just as it is)?

It's like when Stephen King put out "The Stand" the second time with chapters that weren't in the original book. I read both versions & felt that nothing was really added to the story. I find it just a cheap & easy way to make money.

To all developers: So, you don't like the game you made half a decade or more ago so much anymore?! Then make a new game that'll be 10 times better.

Heck, if DaVinci were still alive today, he'd make great new art on his Mac. I'm pretty sure he'd leave his old works alone. He'd understand - that was what I made then, this is now.

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