Time limit, next RPG...

by Radrisol

The debate between old school and new school has raged on and on and on and, well you get the point. Lot's of different reasons have been given as to why old is better then new and vice versa. So I decided to offer my own personal reason as to why I prefer the old days of the RPG compared to the new.

The first thing is that I love the new RPG's as much as I do the old ones. The only reason I prefer the old days of RPG's was because I had a lot more time to play them. Back in the day, we only got at best 2 RPG's a year. As a result, we got to play an RPG at a leisurely pace and then we had the option to sit down and play it again in we wanted and we wouldn't have to worry about that shiny new RPG just around the corner. While in this new era we have a LOT of good RPG's coming out in very short time periods.

Final Fantasy VI (Final Fantasy III in the US) is regarded as one of the greatest RPG's. People had plenty of time to play it. I could figure out everything on my own simply because I had so much time to play the game over several times. The fact that there was so much time made it easier to savor the games, and enjoy them so thoroughly. There was plenty of time to appreciate the game.

In the day of the modern RPG market, a lot of RPG's come out in a year, something like 20 RPG's maybe. This wouldn't be so bad if most of them sucked but, they don't. There are a lot of GREAT RPG's out now that people want to play, but unfortunately, it leads to rushing through the RPG's that you bought. I personally had six unfinished RPG's until I finally decided to stop the madness and sold all of my unfinished RPG's.

So now that I've thrown this problem out to the RPG community, some one out there will probably agree with me. So I decided to offer two solutions that I personally have thought of. The first option is to do what the Japanese do and maintain brand name loyalty, I personally don't like this one too much but it may work for some people. Next, you should rent the game and play the RPG as much as you can during the rental, some RPG's lose their shine after you get a few hours into them because the initial effect of something new wears off and you find that's all the RPG had going for it.

So those are my recommendations and my personal opinions about why at least some of us may not like the new RPG's. I don't think it's been the RPG's that have gone down in quality but that the market is flooded with them and the RPG player feels overwhelmed.

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