Final Fantasy is no longer Final Fantasy

by eX-finn

I love every Final Fantasy game from the fourth to the eighth, but the fact is that there has been a line drawn through the series which separates the games with more than graphics or language. The stories in the games may have evolved, too, but that's not it either. The line is drawn from the difference in game play.

In the first six games in the series, you had the following things which you stopped having in the seventh:

1. Highly strategic boss battles- Sure, you still have to do some thinking in the newer ones, but it's not even close to the same degree that it was the the previous ones. Plus, usually when there is a strategy now, the tactic is just handed to you on a silver platter. Then you just have to execute it. You know what I mean? Someone always gives you the answer. And that's on the rare occasion that you even need any help.

2. Endless dungeons overflowing with monsters- Now, almost everything in the game is focused on plot- even the battles! You rarely have to fight a lot unless you want to and in Final Fantasy Eight, they made the enemies level up with you and gave you the option of having no random encounters, plus you just get a smackload of money on a random basis. So, there is no reason to fight anything but the boss battles.

3. Independent Exploration- Now everything you do is based on what someone told you to do and you hardly have any freedom to do anything else. Of course you have your "side quests", but those aren't very fulfilling nowadays.

4. Finally, too much plot- Some of you might call me a RPG "newbie". You're wrong! I have been playing them for years and love them for they're plot, but they are still called video GAMES! These are games, people! I think that many RPGamers are go through the battles half-heartedly, just to continue with amazing story. Well, I go through the amazing story just so I have a good reason to keep fighting. They both go together, but I think that the game fun factor should at least slightly out-weigh the story. Go get some anime videos if you want to watch a crazy Japanese adventure.

Well, that's all I have to say for now and I would appreciate any response, whether positive or negative(probably negative).

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