Rebuttal to "Why you think you like FF6 the best."

by Barry Dancer

Original Editorial: Why you think you like FF6 the best

There's nothing wrong with liking the old games, but before you say something ridiculous like how much better FF6 was, I suggest you go rent the Anthology and play them again, then play FF7 or 8. The Anthology will suck because after playing FF7 and FF8, the old games will look and play crappy.

It is very rare that I am ever driven to write anything whatsoever, but those sentences, in Luke Adams' editorial Why you think you like FF6 the best just plain bothered me. They bothered me on two accounts : 1) The total absence of logic of the statement and 2) the fact that it seemingly ruins the credibility of Mr. Adams' editorial.

Were I an "old-school" gamer it would be just as reasonable for me to take this statement and say the before one says something as ridiculous as FF8 being great, one should go and play FF1-6 or Dragon Warrior etc. and then one would see that the newer games are nothing but eye candy. Sounds a litle one-sided and stupid does it not? Personally, I feel that the "old-school-new school" debate is rather pointless in general. Instead of judging a game by on the basis of those that came before or after it, judge a game on it's own merits oblivious to the fact that others exist. Then, I feel, one will be able to get much more enjoyment out of it.

I think Mr. Adams' had a pretty good argument until the aforementioned statement was included. In adding it I feel like he went from "this is what I think because..." to "this is what is right just because." In doing so, the entire message was dumbed down to the level of the "old-school/new school" debate and lost its meaning.

I have nothing against Mr. Adams and I respect his opinions. I only feel that his point could have been gotten across better without the above statement. Old games do not "suck" because they do not have the mechanics of newer ones, they are simply different.

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