FF8 vs. FF7....

by Yuffie Janice Tanaka

Ok. I've had it up to here with people bagging FF8, so I'll compare 'em and we'll see just how much better it is!

Characters: FF8.
Call me crazy, but the characters from FF8 are SO much better! Squall, although he starts out as a petulant... ummm yeah.... is actually a well-rounded person, who has a realistic relationship with Rinoa. Cloud, is just plain weird. I seriously have played FF7 about 5 times now, and I still don't understand the guy. The same goes for the supporting characters.

Plot: FF7.
Hmmmmm, Dollet vs. Mako Reactors. Edea vs. Sephiroth. Saving the planet vs. joining SeeD. No contest.

Magic: FF8.
This is SO much easier to understand! It takes a few minutes to understand properly, sure, but at least they told you about adjusting stats and that! FF7 didn't bother to let me in on that particular little secret, so I had guys at level 99 with only about 1000 hp....

Summons: FF8.
C'mon. Think about it. This one doesn't need explaining.

Guys: FF8.
C'mon girls! Who would YOU rather date? Squall or Cloud? Irvine or Vincent? Laguna or Cid? It's no contest.

Girls: Draw.
I juts don't know which group I like more here. They're all cool. Specially Yuffie and Selphie. My friend David says I'm like a combination of the two.

Overall: FF8.
Winning all but two of my little criteria, I'm positive that FF8 is better than FF7. I've noticed that many people have approached this game with a closed mind, so maybe that explains it....

[Editor's Note: This editorial almost had me in stitches, a definite plus. This is one of those things that you'll never hear from me usually, since, well, I'm no Q&A guy, and therefore don't really show the me part involved in this. I'd also like to take this opportunity to point out that the eds template is definetly biased since you replace the text "Mr Author" with the name of the author, and more and more women are writing eds. Just figured I'd share.

Although this editorial is 100% subjective and really doesn't have any cold hard facts behind it, it's an amusing read, and interesting way to put it, good grammar, and stays on the point. Editorials make points and should be entertaining, this does both. Granted the entertaining part is the true forté "C'mon girls! Who would YOU rather date? Squall or Cloud? Irvine or Vincent? Laguna or Cid? It's no contest," but it still does make a point and is clear (though why anyone would pick Laguna over Cid is beyond me... I mean, male Sandra Bullock lookalike vs. an immortal stud who smokes more cigarettes in a week span than most people with lung cancer have smoked over a lifetime...) Ok, it's getting late, I guess I'm getting punchy. Moving on!]

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