Rebuttal to David Sanders to Scarmiglion... Interpretation

by Sauron

Are you seeing something in Pokemon that I am not? It's really possible to interpret the show any way. However, the show can be interpreted other ways as well. Let me prove my point. I will take what you said and show that there are many ways to look at Pokemon.

I was first introduced to Pokemon by Michael Nisbett. He showed me that Pokemon are willing tools of the devil. What seems like a simple show about advertising is much more than that. It is a journey into the human psyche.

Ash and Co. frequently get into trouble. However, whenever they need help, they have magic animals to call on to save them in times of need. And isn't that what all little kids wouldn't want? A cute, furry, yellow animal as a best friend? A 20-foot-long dragon as a bodyguard?

Also, battling them is a complicated mix of emotions. The males battle to see who is dominant, and the one with the strongest Pokemon wins. The outcast is sent out to train and train until he improves and can take on the champion.

Pokemon is an accelerated version of childish competitiveness. It's like adrenaline in a small blue, red, or yellow box. That is why it is so addictive. The thrill of winning, the thrill of being the best there is.

The show encourages it all. The show prolongs this madness by showing a boy that can overcome any challenge and beat any enemy with his animals with magic powers. The thrill of being able to carry around little pets and bodyguards is too much for children to avoid watching. It IS addictive, in a primitive barbarian way.

This editorial is basically saying that there are many things you can get from the Pokemon game and show. I believe that both of us need a cold bucket of water dumped on us...

[Editor's Notes: This editorial has quite a bit going on in it. I really enjoy it. That isn't to say that I agree, but it's just a good read, which GREATLY enhances chance of getting posted. The grammar is also flawless from my once-over, so that makes me content. I would definetly post this, because the analysis is just very unique, and it's making some very interesting points that aren't tried and clichéd.]

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