In response to "Why you think you like FF6 the best" by Luke Adams

by Richard Snyder

Original Editorial: Why you think you like FF6 the best

There are many points I'd like to go over. I'd try to summarize it all in one paragraph but it would make this response look messy so I'll just go over each of Luke Adam's points, one by one.

First, Luke Adams goes off to say that he believes that the only reasons some people like Final Fantasy VI better than Final Fantasy VII or VIII is because they're hooked on nostalgia and/or angry about the current popularity of Role-Playing Games, courtesy of Final Fantasy VII.

Luke Adams says he's played recent RPGs and doesn't get what the player's goal is in FFVI? Isn't saving the world the final objective of every RPG?

Mr. Adams complains that Kefka wasn't an evil enough of a villain because he looked like a non-menacing "fruity clown".

Where was it written that the main villain always had to be a menacing bad-ass? I have nothing against menacing bad-asses but why can't something different occur. Kefka did look like a fruity clown which I felt added to the overall surprise that HE of all people would become a god of sorts and you'd have to kill him to save the world. It was a cool twist, in my opinion.

He said "the job system of FF5 was interesting but the story was weak, and the characters were just dumb(Faris-if she was so hot, how the hell could Galuf and Butz not notice she was a girl!)."

Butz and Galuf DID notice that Faris was a girl. And since when did a bad plot equal a bad game. Mario, Zelda, Castlevania, Doom and other games are considered among the best of all time and none of these have had a very deep plot. Why should FFV be judged any differently?

He believes "the reasons people believe otherwise- well, people played these games a long time ago and they have sentimental value to them."

Actually, I liked FFI-VI because I thought they were good games. Not because of sentimental attachment which I wouldn't have since I started playing FF games with FFVII when it came out on September 7th, 1997.

He goes on to declare that "The Anthology will suck because after playing FF7 and FF8, the old games will just look and play crappy."

Well, FFV and VI actually looked very good for their day, and I was a gamer during their day so I would find nothing wrong with their dated visuals. They're 16-bit games and would be expected to look like such. And in this gamer's opinion none of the 4 PS-released FFs play crappy. I have tiny whiny complaints about all four but its not enough for me to think they're anything less than excellent. And they remain my 4 favorite PS RPGs.

He says people's complaints about Final Fantasy Anthology aren't because of the minor slowdown or horrible translation errors. "That's just a way of justifying to yourself why they aren't as fun now as you remember them being," he says.

For most people, I don't think so. Maybe some people were truly apalled by the less-than-perfect transition of FFV and VI from the SNES to the PS. These don't really bug me though. My first game on FFVI was WAY more inaccurate than the minor slowdown and different-sounding music of the PS version and I still loved it (I was using SNES9x v.0.13w for the record). Same goes for FFV though the emulation was slightly more accurate (SNES9x v.20 Dos version). Besides which, Square had done worse with the PC ports of FFVII and VIII in my humble opinion. And though I found FFV's translation bad and FFVI's continued use of Nintendo's censor marks annoying, it just wasn't enough to get me to dislike either game.

"Of course they were great when you played them the first time, but that was when they were the only RPG's out there, and times have changed," Luke Adams proclaims.

Times may have changed but I still like them. I believe them to be classics. Also, FF was never the only RPG out there. There was the Phantasy Star series, Dragon Warrior series, Breath of Fire series, Earthbound, Chrono Trigger, Secret of Mana/Seiken Densetsu, and many more that I've probably forgotten.

Mr. Adams thinks anyone that plays the games in sequence today will come to the same conclusions he has and realize the error of their ways.

So its right to like FFVII and VIII infinitely more than FFI-VI and also to have a low opinion of veterans, especially ones who like the older games better. Mr. Adams claims to hate those who hate FFVII and VIII for being new and having a low opinion of those who started with VII yet what he claims isn't any different. The names are simply switched.

I hope, Luke Adams, that you can realize people have other opinions and different views.

Thank you for listening.

[Editor's Note: All the FF6 editorials are in here. I didn't really want to deal with them and all, so I didn't. Therefore I will tell you that this is well written, but substantively, I'm pleading the fifth.]

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