See it here folks! A man who can predict the future of Aidyn Chronicles!

by Noble Duncanson

I was really excited after reading all this shit about this new RPG for the 64, but the screen shots look awful. Our hero looks really stupid, you think they would have been able to at least make him look cool. Cloud, from FFVII, is ten times cooler and that is sad considering the difference in the systems and the advancement of the technology. I'm not saying all I want is a cool looking hero, but come on, it would heighten the anticipation of the game and make you feel like you were playing as a hero not some midieval slob.

[Editor's Note: This is unfounded nonsense. I'm sorry, but I simply can't support people who absolutely trash a game before it's release. The grammar could use some work (midieval = midi evaluation?), and so could the length. I don't want to publicly trash this person, but I really can't see much positive about this editorial. If it were sent back with reasons after playing the game, then that's one thing... But this, well, yeah.]

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