Hail to the Square God!

by Katherine Tierney

I will speak simply for clarity. I am a hard-core Final Fantasy gamer. I like FF6. I did not like FF7 as much. I am thrilled that FF9 is going back to its roots. Square has good fans that don't like crap. You can have an FF be more hi-tech and still be good. FF6 was more hi-tech than FF4 and I liked FF6 better. We sqaure fans are protective of our games, and don't want Square screwing up. Hooray for FF9. Hooray for Square.

[Editor's Note: This is short, and just Square-boosting for no apparent reason. It makes a point, and then doesn't expand it. If comparing the development of technology amongst the FF games was what this was, I would be much much much happier to print it. Also, note the title. I suggest sending me one. Usually I make them halfway relevant, but I'm overemphasizing how weird I can get tonight. Gotta add in some humour SOMEWHERE...]

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