Is Square becoming a copycat?

by Jon Gibson

I've been noticing a strange new trend in Square's upcoming games... they seem to be strangely mimicking other games lately. For example, Dew Prism aka Threads of Fate looks like Legend of Legaia, Parasite Eve 2 looks like Resident Evil: Code Veronica, even the long-awaited Chrono Cross is looking LARGELY similar to Wild Arms. Is this a growing trend? Why is Square seemingly copying other games' technology?

Again, this could just be a coincidence. But if anyone sees this trend along with me, please e-mail me if this gets published on the site.

(The games pre-mentioned are owned by their respective companies)

[Editor's Notes: This editorial is short. That counts greatly against it. There are some points made here with no evidence to back it up. It whets my appetite, but then falls short when it doesn't make any comparisons between the games. I'd love to see this editorial expanded out to a larger length.]

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