Reply on the "Bias against Nintendo"

by Jamez East

My name is Jamez East and I have a few problems with what the man wrote about a lot of people being against Nintendo. First off a lot of people are against it for its blocky graphics and lack of quality games(and the ever so popular debate on paying to much time on Pokemon). I dislike Nintendo because of those reasons. I was a hard-core fan of Nintendo until the N64 was released. The Super Nintendo and NES had some of the greates games of all time and some of those games I still play today(ie. All the Squaresoft games, the Lufia series and BOF I and II). I have been playing games since I was able to read(I am 14). I remember all the quality games they "DID" have but they have not made a good game since the SNES. I think that Zelda 64 was a terrible addition to the series. It was too easy and it had a very weak ending. I also agree with others when they say that Nintendo delays their projects too much. I was really looking forward to the first CD based console for Nintendo when they had an agreement with Sony, but instead they screwed Sony over and went back to cartridges. Now with the Dolphin being delayed about a year now, I think that is complete bull. It should have been released about 6 months ago. One last thing, you don't need 2 DVD players in a house just to watch a movie and play a video game, there still is something called VHS which all movies are made in. Thank you for your time.

[Editor's Note: I don't want to discourage someone who has the courage and the conviction to write in to an editorials column at 14, because I truly applaud his effort. However, I'll make some general comments that we can all benefit from, so as not to discourage Mr. East from sending us more editorials down the line when I'm serving him fries at some McDonalds with my useless degrees in Religion and Political Science... Ok, that was unnecessary for me to say, and I apologize. I've sacked myself.

Anyway, two general comments. First of all, pick a topic and stick with it, since it will greatly improve readability. Second of all, paragraphs are your friend. They greatly improve the readability as well. A standard paragraph is 3-5 sentences long I believe, though my English grammar isn't the best in the world (yet I get to edit yours! Tee-hee!) Maybe the fanfic writers can tell us sometime ;)]

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