Why can't a game just be good

by Jason Birdwell

This is my first editorial so just bear with me. I have been playing RPG's for many years now, and I think some people have a tendency to over analyze games. By reading this editorial page I have noticed that many gamers hate certain games over trivial details that don't really take away from the game. There is always some one saying Final Fantasy VII and VIII relied to much on graphics and not game play or that earlier RPG's sucked because of a lack of graphics. My theory is a simple one if you play the game and enjoy it then it was a good game. I don't care if the graphics are bad or state of the art. Why can't people just enjoy the games and not nit pick everything that didn't suit their fancy.

I have seen so many complaints from old time RPG'ers who have nothing better to do than gripe about the futuristic look of Final Fantasy VII and VIII. But these people failed to notice the excellent story that these games possessed. These two games also had villains and heroes that were memorable. The Materia and GF systems were excellent and creative ways of using magic. They both had the previous menus for a great RPG as well as new ingredients thrown in for extra flavor. It seems that the people who hate Final Fantasy VII and VIII what game companies to just make the same game over and over.

Of coarse there is the other group of people who hate the older RPG's because of the lack of Graphics. Now don't get me wrong I love kick @$$ graphics as much as anyone else, but there is more to a game. Final Fantasy VI (or 3 what ever you want to call it) is my personal favorite of the Final Fantasy series and I agree the graphics were pathetic compared to today's standard. But it boasted the largest number of playable characters and each had their own stories.

The main point I have been tying to make is that there is more to a game than just graphics, stile or magic system. It is the story, the characters, the fact that when you finish playing you can honestly say that you enjoyed the game. To many people spend all their time pointing out what they didn't like about a game that they rob themselves of the things that made it enjoyable.

[Editor's Note: I always find it ironic that people who say that they're going to write a terrible editorial end up writing excellent ones. This editorial has a clear point, good follow-through, and only one or two grammar mistakes. But it's a great first shot, and would definetly have been posted.]

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