Ganondorf dies, and it all seems worth it.

by Four Finger Wu

Recently, my class had a colloquium on violence in the media. The class focused mainly on video game violence. I'm not hoping to discuss my view upon this, but instead about a memory this triggered within me.

One person mentioned that The Legend of Zelda, Ocarina of Time was perhaps one of the greatest games in existence, and has made itself like that with no graphical violence. I had to nod, for this was mostly true, but I remember one slight moment of gore. In the end, when Ganondorf is first defeated in his castle, He begins to cough up blood. I believed that this was the most powerful part of the game.

Ganondorf, who had proclaimed himself as an all powerful being is defeated, but, like most villains, goes on saying that he cannot be defeated, and curses Link. At this time, I as a gamer did not worry about what he said, for so many times had I beaten games where the villain had said similar things. Then, one thing happened to differentiate this time from all the others. Ganondorf, while saying how powerful he is, even though he has just been beaten, coughs up blood. Nothing special, really, but this scene made a large difference to the game. No matter what Ganon said, this proved that he was mortal, and weak. All else that he say's here means nothing, because he has bled. He, who had made Link's life a mission, has received a mortal wound. This truly felt like you were defeating him, more than anything. Never had the defeat of a villain been such a joy to me in any other game. I would really appreciate feedback, to know what other's feel about this scene, and know if others agree.

[Editor's Notes: This editorial is excellent. As that doesn't help anyone understand why, I'll try to explain why I like it. It gives life to a small subtlety in a game, and explains what is so important about the subtlety. It's not really based on subjective opinionated nonsense, but rather in true interest for a small fact in the game.]

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