rebuttal to Joe Rinaldi's rebuttal to Jason Dow's The Fear of the ONLINE RPG

by Dan 'Frogerk' Slotten

In his editorial he states that hacking will not be such a problem due to the fact that the save info will be on a memory card instead of the person's computer. My problem is I Seriously doubt it really matters. How long till all the newest game consoles have GameSharks that allow maximum stats, and invincible characters? Right about now I'm hearing people say 'The games will have blockers, to make sure you cant edit the info on the memory card.' OK, hopefully (and most likely) they WILL have protection against Game 'enhancing' software like gameshark. 'Problem solved! Right?' Wrong, there is still the ever present DexDrive. The ability to upload game save data onto your computer, edit it then send it to anyone online pretty much insures hundreds and hundreds of cheat characters. Then come the Pks(player killers), then the PKKs (player killer killers). The sad fact that once most people see God characters in there favorite game, they will want one too. Eventually, this will lead to anyone who is on a normal character being killed almost onsite, leaving the poor newbie who just spent $60+ dollars on a video game.. Screwed. Before he can even come back and try to play again, the poor sap will have to go out, buy a dexdrive, look for god chars, and join the masses. Online RPGs wont look so good then, will they? Don't get me wrong, I am looking forward to online RPGs, as long as cheating is under control. But until i see some steps to make sure the above things don't happen, i will sit back, and cringe when ever i hear someone whining about being PKed by a god in the newest/trendyiest online RPG.

[Editor's Notes: This is the last one, phew. I know you're not reading these in the order I did ém, but it's still dark out, and I'm done, YAY! Anyway, paragraphs are our friends, but one paragraph requires less HTML. Paragraphs are better though. I did have rights to edit grammar, so this guy rocks too. Everyone who lets me edit for grammar is the best. Just let me do it, please, I'm a masochist, I love you long time! Doh, incorrect grammar. Anyway, I suck with technology, this guy apparently knows more than me, I'll just not argue ^^]

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