Just a fool throwin comments around

by Dark Holy

I'm just gonna throw random commments and so on towards the editorial"Square isn't foolin me" and other issues.

*First of all, you have to understand that everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, a company does is for the company's profit. Don't say that things can be done for the people, all it equals to is more or less profit. When Squaresoft says they're gonna return to the medieval setting, of course they're doing it for the profit, not the art.

*On short comment, don't insult Square. Why? Because all RPGamers today should know they owe so much to Square for the effort they made to showcase the game of FF7. Before FF7, the PSX had some 10 rpg's. Two years after FF7, close to the release of FF8, we have over 40 rpg's in our ranks, all thanks the flashy things showed off by Square, some of those being high quality games like Xenogears and Star Ocean.In short, don't diss Square because you probably wouldn't be playing the games you love if it weren't for them.

*Square didn't forget the good medieval days. After FF7, we had FFT, and way after FF7, we had FFAnthologies, which were two of the classics which made Square quite famous.

*What reason did anyone have to crawl away from Square? Just because they made two games that weren't the calibur of the originals you are going to turn your backs on them? They didn't betray you, you betrayed them. I'll clear this up later.

*Yes, of course the masses will flock to any game to make front cover on a magazine, these are mostly the ones who don't take in-depth thinking into what they buy, and buy it just for the publicity it gets.

*Don't at all think I'm a loyalist to Square. My favorite snes games of course go to square as they made awesome rpgs back then, but my favorite PSX rpg definitely has to be Star Ocean.

*I'm gettin' tired, so here goes my final comment. This goes out to all RPGamers who have in any way shunned a game for a reason. I'm asking why can't you all like a game for what it gives. You must complain and ask for more and more, and you turn games away for petty reasons. I make the most out a game. Take a games strong points, and try to capitalize on them. Star Ocean didn't have a very strong storyline, but the gameplay and battle system rocked. X out the story, see how good you can get out of this game. FF7 didn't have a award-winning storyline either, but the sub-story, the battle system, and the challenge of the Emerald and Ruby weapons made it a fun game to play. The push to achieve something in a rpg is what makes a game fun. You get my point? One more example: If you have a game with an excellent storyline, but the battle system annoys you, TOLERATE THE DAMN BATTLE SYSTEM AND PLAY FOR THE STORY !!! Over time you notice it was a good idea to do so, and you get the pleasure of enjoying the story while gaining a point in tolerance. You might even start to like the battle system you had! If you complain about a game, you're being downright selfish.

[Editor's Notes: Another very amusing read, which makes some very solid points. This editorial has some opinion towards the end, but focuses on the benefits that Square has brought to the industry. This would get printed, especially since the guy spelled medieval right. Very few people can do that, trust me.]

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