FF6 is fun fun silly willy for me! Not wakk wakk wakk

by Dimastines

This is why Final Fantasy 6 is my very most favoritist game of all time:

The first RPG I ever played all the way through was Final Fantasy 6. I was at the ripe ol' age of 10. And up until I was sitting at home playing the game through for the 8th time that I realized why I really like this game.

The first part of the reason that it is memorable is that each character has a well-developed personality and recognizable by this, rather than a name. No one will ever forget the antics of Gau or the way Edgar chases skirts. What ever happened to Shadow? Oh, wait! That's him in the cafe!

Another reason i adore the game is the memorable scenes. It brought a tear to my eye when Locke remembered what happened to Rachel when you reach to Kohlingen for the first time. I felt a part of me die when General Leo was struck down by Kefka. I was moved into hatred when i found out Emporer Gastahl had lied to the Returners about wanting peace. I was greatly saddened when Celes refused to speak to Locke because Kefka had made it seem as if she were a spy and he doubted her faith. There are quite a few other scenes, but these are a few that stick out in my mind.

And as for the villian, look at the pure evil that is Kefka. The first time you see him, youre thinking, "Look at that goofy clown. What a pansy." But then you reach the point where he is no longer laughable, but annoying and hated. When he has obtianed the power to basically become God and destroy cities at will, you just dont know what will happen.

It is for these reasons and a few others that this is my favorite game of all time. It is also not some silly nostalgic feeling i get when I play it.

And as for the other Final Fantasy games, I thought 1-3 were good, 4-6 great, and 7and 8 weaksauce.

8 was gonna be a good game, but wham- no armor and no new weapons. But what really got me was the wakk wakk wakk orphanage thing. I stopped playing a little bit after this because it just kinda ruined it.

I plyed all the way through Final Fantasy 7, and it was a pretty good game, but the story was just kinda tough to follow. Unlike Xenogears, where the story began to kind of make since the further you got, 7 just kinda kept getting wierder and wierder.

[Editor's Note: Another wonderful example of opinion as fact. Umaro is not developed, period. Neither is Gogo. There is no way you can pass them off (and they ARE included in EACH character) as well developed. Again, I was given the right to edit grammar, which is always good, though how I'd deal with "wakk wakk wakk" I don't know. This editorial also falls apart theme-wise when this person starts to bring in other FF experiences. I'd also like to point out the oh so critical importance of giving me a title for your editorial. This one had "Grammar" and nothing in the subject line. That doesn't help me. So I make one up.]

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