A Letter to My Love

by Cheryl Lachowicz

Dear Square,
You and I have had some wonderful times. All the laughter, the tears... Staff that's come and gone. You shared some beautiful artwork, some heart-wrenching stories, but there always were tears of joy in with the sorrow. Oh! How times have changed-! I can't stand the pain anymore, Square. I'm sorry, but it's over. I've found a new lover - Konami.

Yes, I know how much it hurts. My very first game; do you remember it? Breath of Fire. Of course, you simply made it understandable to me; you didn't create it. But a friendship had been forged in your skill with words; and then Chrono Trigger! I fell in love with you then. From then on it was Venus for us, babe. Then I played Final Fantasy 3, then 2. Suddenly I found myself immersed in Secret of Mana and Secret of Evermore; and although I didn't appreiciate the gameplay, the stories were wonderful.

Then came Final Fantasy 7. Oh, my heart! I loved it! The sexual tension between Cloud and Tifa, the ever-adorable Yuffie and Cait-Sith, the dark and mysterious (and handsome) Vincent. Red 13 was the pet dog I always wanted, and Cid and Aeris seemed to be role models, as Barette was a model for parents, in a way. But I didn't master it the first time around; so I tried again. I didn't notice how long Midgar was until I knew the whole story. It just dragged on and on, until finally, I couldn't stand it! I moved on to Gensou Suikoden. Yes, I admit it! I was unfaithful! And I will not deny it! I loved every second! Gremio's death actually jerked tears; Aeris never could. Sure, his ressurection was a little half-baked; but anyone caught up in the sheer caliber of the story couldn't really notice the lack of character development. How can one develope 108 characters?

Then I bought Suikoden 2- That game was synonymous to Heaven. The way Jowy ripped out the Hero and Nanami's heart so casually, so carelessly, so innocently; he never really understood the emotional charge that had entered the war. And the way Flik and Nina's love-hate relationship took... I feel sorry for them. And poor Pilika-! Yes, the struggle was close, and painful, as well. And Jowy... Poor Jowy. I wish I could have seen the story through his eyes. I'm sure there would be quite a few more revelations.

Well... by that time, I had had enough flings. I came back to you, rearing for Final Fantasy 8. Square, what happened to you? Sure, you need your awesome graphics and your popularity, but what about me? What about MY needs? I need a deep plot, one with an enemy I can identify with; Someone with a method to their madness, a REASON for their rage. I couldn't make it through Disc one. I'm so, so sorry for my weakness, Square.

I know I could learn to love Konami as much as I have loved you. You will always have a place in my heart, and I can never, never love Konami more. Never. I will keep an eye out for your games; who knows? Perhaps you will win back my heart. Until then, farewell, my love.

Cheryl Lachowicz

[Editor's Note: The format and presentation of this editorial is everything. Whereas it's almost 100% opinion, it delivers it in a refreshing and interesting way, and allows you to look at games (and gaming companies *snickers*) in a whole new light.]

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