Why their aren't true FF sequals

by CBurt85

A lot of people seem to complain that their is a new world, and set of characters for every new installment of Final Fantasy. I see it as people just grasping for things to complain about.

If the Final Fantasies were continuous we would have no Cloud, no junction system, no active battle timer, and no imagination. The story would be for every new game, the villain would come and destroy the crystals, as the next generation of fighter and ninja tries to restore peace. Basically the story of FF5 except you would have controlled Doogan, and a younger Galuf in FF4.

Another reason it wouldn't work is that you'd have to reuse the map. You would have to pass off the world of the previous game as just a contient in the next game to open new areas, that haven't been conquered. I don't think people would be happy with old territory in the game or a new map that doesn't make any sense at all.

People also seem to forget if you continued after the happy ending in a FF game, you would be rebuilding a world destroyed by the villain, not fighting another villain. The only Final Fantasy that I can think of that left open to a believable sequel is 8. They had the ability to travel in space, a horde of creatures on the moon so it must have had an atmosphere, and last but not least it had aliens taking cattle, and artifacts. All this would give a true sequel a place to go, but it wouldn't be worth it.

It's just's not worth it though. Squall and company could chase E.T. around the galaxy, but it would kill all the good from the first game. No matter how well it was done, and how playable it was it would be the worst thing ever. It would be like Square pimping the characters to some shoddy developer to turn a buck.

Final Fantasy is wonderful in so many ways, but not being trapped by a cast or a settings is part of it's charm. The not related stories give the series as a whole, more room to evolve, than Zelda or Chrono Trigger. When you open Lunar 2, you just won't find the freshness of when you open FF9, so I'm glad every one of them is different.

[Editor's Note: This editorial has some very excellent points. Some of the points (the battle system would never change) are a little lacking in logic, as it is possible to make a sequel with different characters and a different battle system. However, the overall point of the editorial comes across well. The other issue is that this editorial was not given to me with permission for me to change the grammar, and as can be seen, there are several mistakes.]

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