Why FFVII-VIII And SquareSoft DOSN'T Suck

by Ben Gilboa

This is my first editorial, so I'll try to get my point through as best as possible and if I screw up don't please don't be mad ^-^.

Well, I've been seeing tons of editorials about how 'corrupted' SquareSoft is and how it's game quality's been deteriorating ever since FFVII or so. Well, I must say that's simply isn't true. FFVII is my favorite RPG, both for its wonderful graphics (I even like the blocky characters!), and for its amazing story line.

FFVIII also rocked. It had a very creative Battle System and the Graphics absolutely blew me away. Sure, the story wasn't great, but that's about the only really weak point in the game. I found SO2's story terrible, and no one never seem to say that.

SquareSoft doesn't exists to make RPGs. It exists to make money. They do that by supplying great RPGs. You can't come complaining about how bad a game is, and how the company 'cheated' costumes, because that's not true. If you don't like a game, DON'T BUY IT.

The FF series has evolved to an RPG series that shows the state of the art technologies and systems. This makes the quality demand extremely high. It's very hard to deliver every year and a half or so a game that has the best graphics, the best systems, the best story line. If one of these elements fails, that doesn't make the game bad. FFVIII had the best graphics, great systems, and an average story line. Although these elements are the elements of a nice RPG, some people are treating it like it's trash, just because it failed the FF story line quality demand.

If FFVIII would have come out in a different title, it would have been rated a good RPG by all the people who conndem it because it's a part of the FF series.

[Editor's Notes: Well, another reason to allow me to edit for grammar... But I wasn't allowed to this time. Ah well. The points in this editorial are quite excellent, although there is a significant chunk of opinion mixed in. However, there are some very very interesting points to ponder for all you FF7 haters out there... If it had been released under a different title, would you have hated it? That's an interesting question...]

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