In response to many responses to my editorial

by Anon Ymous

Many of you were shocked and upset when you read my editorial. I instantly received many replies bashing me and accusing me of being a 12 year old boy (though I also got an equal amount of agreements). Good. I wrote the editorial on a whim because I'm sick of all this debate about video games. The letter was intended to make you angry, but at the same time to realize how ridiculous it is to even have a debate about video games. I don't care what game you like or why, obviously many don't agree or care which one I like. They're just video games, I happen not to like FF6 much, maybe you love it. Slandering me only makes you look foolish. What I'm trying to say is, stop writing editorials and go play the games you write about.

[Editor's Note: Ok, this is what I'd call someone's bitterness getting the best of them. When you write an editorial, stand behind it, back it up. If you had the guts to put it up, please try not to cower under the guile of "Go do something else, this isn't worth your time." I also don't remember the editorial, so this really, well, seems pointless for me to read. But the grammar's great ^^ In short, don't let negative responses get you down. Strike back with firm logic, everyone loves that (well, at least those not involved)...]

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