I may be the only one left...

by Arvind Vashisht

I have a friend, he is baasically jaded into thinking that only Squaresoft can make a good RPG. Man It makes me really mad. Was I the only one who did NOT like FFVlll. I thought Final Fantasy 7 was only a good game. It in no way compares to the epic story of Xenogears. Also Square had its to die for RPG with Chrono Trigger. Now it has gotten to thd point where all his net buddies and basically everyone I meet on the net is a Squaresoft fan. For once I just want to see them make a game that lets everyone down to see that the gold giant has some bronze in it. Now dont get me wrong. I like the games that Square makes, but they are not all what they are craked up to be>

[Editor's Notes: Whereas this editorial could be shaped into something coherent, it is plagued by a few problems. The first is a lack of apparent guiding purpose, or thesis statement. Additionally, I was not given permission to edit this for grammar, and there are some spelling mistakes.

My suggestion for improvement would be to lengthen the editorial and pick one general point to focus on and enlarge.]

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