Editorial: Squaresoft getting back to what made Final Fantasy good.

by Aaron Brunner

I read a lot about people saying that Final Fantasy seven and eight were god sends to the FF series. The new graphics, furtureistic storys and times, and new type characters is what some people are saying is what is making the Final Fantasy series good. Most of the people who have said this to me or written this has done one thing wrong. Most of the time they never played any of the Final Fantasys before Seven.

The most interesting RPGs I have played haven't been ones based with robots, guns or space ships. The more interesting ones are what made Final Fantasy one of the most popular games. It was a fantasy medievil. The first Final Fantasy had mostly medievil theme with a splash of futuristic, but not so much futurisitc that it soured the feel. Its characters were funny to look at, its magic basic, and its weapons normal. This was true all through 5 but six keapt it again on a good level. It was medievil but it wasn't future. The way the characters looked through each game keapt it at a good point. They were not too realisitc but they had a cool sense.

When FF7 came out it introduced a more future feel to the series, it offered new ideas in combat and play system, and a new magic system. All of it was good but the story line strayed from how all of the other FFs were. Then eight came out. Almost nothing about it reasembled the past games in my opinion. It changed everything, it finished was seven started.

I hear when FF9 comes out they will be going back to the "old school" of Final Fantasy. The plot, the characters, the fighting system, and the weapon system will be what it was in the past. I say good for you Squaresoft. I for one am all for the return of classic RPGs in Final Fantasy.

[Editor's Notes: This editorial states lots of opinion and passes it off as fact. Sales figures tell us that FF1 was by FAR less popular than FF7. Also, most people who played the previous games played FF7, and many of those who have played FF7 went back and played the ones before it.

That aside, there are good points. First of all, he gave me the right to correct grammar (I didn't, but just so you can see how much giving me that right COULD help you out). Second of all, his point is clear from the first point to the last, and therefore it keeps its coherency. So in short, I would post this with grammatical fixes probably, although it's fringe opinion.]

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