Why I Think Googleshng Is Female

by Raincrystal

Well, I think Googleshng is a girl.

I live in a college dorm. I encounter guys all the time. Mostly they're a bunch of rowdy loudmouths, always showing off in front of each other and acting like cavemen. Why? There is a tremendous social pressure on guys to act like guys, to avoid anything even remotely feminine. However, the same pressure is not always on girls. Femininst movements and "gurrl power" help widely spread the message that it's okay for a girl to act like a guy sometimes.

Back in "Ye Olden Dayes" when women were viewed as nothing more than domestic helpers, women who wanted to accomplish something often used a male name or covered up their gender by using only their initials. Although women are taken a lot more seriously today, and I doubt any of us would think any less of Googleshng if she turned out to be a girl, there is a great historical precedent in this case. Women who disguised themselves as men were generally engaged in lofty pursuits such as the writing of books, wartime efforts, and philosophy. Men who disguised themselves as women generally pursued less G-rated pastimes. I'm not arguing whether this is wrong, but that society in general tends to hold such people in disdain. It's not usually viewed as okay for a guy to masquerade as a girl, and thus, it's an ingrained tendency for guys not to do so.

Even in our liberated, modern 00's (what are we calling this decade?) society gives us a double standard: we have the impression that it's all right for a girl to hide her femininity, but guys are encouraged to do the opposite and shout their masculinity from the highest mountaintop they can find. Therefore, I think a girl is far more likely to conceal her gender than a guy.

[My Comments: This is a Q&A debate. It has no real place in editorials. Blah.]

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