Square Deserves Better Fans

by Poe22222

Squaresoft tried to take RPGs in a totally new direction with Final Fantasy 7. They did. Those of us who started playing RPG's at that time, like me, were absolutely thrilled with the game. Considering it was their first game on the system and it was that loved by fans, it really deserves as much praise as it receives, in my opinion.

RPG fans, however, hated Square for this. They wanted it back to the way it was, with dragons and mages and medeival heroes. Square didn't please them with Final Fantasy 8 (which I also adore). Despite its incredibly deep gameplay, more challenge, complex plot, and noticeably more typical ending, the hardcore fans rejected it. Of course, the more objective newcomers to the RPG world loved it, just like FF7 and all of the other FF's.

Now Square has decided to, just like the ALWAYS HAVE, please their fans with a more classically styled RPG in Final Fantasy 9. What do the hardcore fans do? Claim Square has truly sold out, more than ever. This only proves that hardcore RPG fans think they are above the games themselves. Yes, I am afraid it is true. Hardcore RPG fans are doing exactly what they need not do.

When Square tries to take RPGs in a totally fresh direction, they complain. When Square tries only to please a select group of fans INSTEAD of try to please the fans perfectly satisfied with two of the greatest RPG's ever released, FF7 and FF8, they get angry and claim they have sold out. Square is only trying to please YOU, the fans. Maybe we should play the games, forget about pleasing crowds, and just enjoy quite possibly the greatest games ever made, the Final Fantasy series, which have, from the beginning, set out to do one thing: to please fans. Being an objective fan who started with Final Fantasy 7 but played every Final Fantasy and almost all other RPG's several times, I firmly believe that RPG's have been working toward one thing for the past decade: the ultimate gaming experience. How can we enjoy this when we don't even support companies in trying to explore the genre? RPG's have unlimited potential. All we must do is give companies the chance tp innovate.

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