"He's Like a Brother To Me"

by Geronimo

Confused by the title? Don't be. If you've played Chrono Trigger, you know that this is Lucca's quote about Crono, after he dies.

What I'm talking about is the perpetual fate of the "childhood friends" in RPG's. You know, that group of girls who has known [enter hero's name here] since they were both little, but has never spoke up about their hidden feelings for them. And if they ever wanted to reveal their feelings, it becomes too late when another girl comes and steals away said hero's heart. Enter the infamous love triangle.

The most publicized love triangle is obviously the one between Cloud, Tifa and Aeris. Everyone took Aeris for granted until she was killed off. *whoosh* In fly the Aeris Resurrection fanfics, the ones where she is the only one for Cloud. Personally, I prefer Tifa, and not because of her...assets. It's because, to me, she just seems RIGHT for Cloud. The unique thing about this is that even after Aeris died and Tifa seemingly "got him", he still thought of only Aeris.

And what about the others? Lucca, Quistis, Saria and Kain (yes, even Kain) are shut out completely by the arrival of those like Aeris, Marle, and Rinoa.

Lucca flatly denies any attraction toward her friend Crono, but she seemed AWFULLY glad to see him on Death Peak, when he was revived.

But you never took Lucca to Death Peak, did you?

And there's Quistis. Later, she says that her love for Squall was just her trying to be like Ellone. And in fly the Quistis and Irvine fics. But I thought Quistis understood him rather well.

Zelda is a borderline RPG, but Saria fits the bill. Not only is Zelda smitten with Link, but so is every other female on Hyrule. And so the Kokiri girl gets shut out. Saria gets treated badly, but still the game states:
    "Saria will always be....your friend..."

And Kain is unique. For his love triangle was not girl+guy+girl. It was two MEN questing for the hand of one WOMAN. Rosa. But, even in the beginning, Rosa was Cecil's forever. Kain's 'situation' is only touched on once, when he claims he wanted to be near Rosa always. But it is never more than that.

We know, in our hearts, that the childhood friends will never get their loves, and that they will always be faithful to the hero, and that they will sit quietly in the corner, wishing.

"GOOD!" you shout. "Squall and Rinoa are meant for each other! Same with Marle and Crono! How DARE you even touch on this subject!!!"

Perhaps they are. But while you sit there, playing FFVIII and eagerly watching Rinoa and Squall's relationship unfold, try to look more closely at Quistis, or anyone else, to see what might have been. Try to see how they give up their best friends to a stranger, and then you'll understand.

Perhaps I'm crazy, or maybe the fact that they never get what they're after is WHY I like the childhood friends, but that's the way it is. I'll just sit quietly in the corner, silently waiting for the day when Squall goes back to Quistis, Kain gets Rosa, or Link smiles at Saria warmly. *sigh* Me....always for the underdogs.

"Crono!! You big dummy, don't ever do that to us again! It was awful, me and Marle, we..and then..and we....Crono! Crono?! Are you listening?!" -Lucca, CT

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[My Comments: The only reason this is in the Evil Editorials update is because, well, I didn't think it should have to wait.]

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