Rebuttal to: Why you think you like FF6

by Edrees Hatef

Original Editorial: Why you think you like FF6 the best

So his statements claim that I liked FF6 the best because it brings back memories? Think again. I played FF7 before FF6, then I played FFV, then FF tactics, then FF8, then FF4.

I like FF6 the best, then FF tactics, then FF7, then FF4.

It seems that his editorial did not apply to me, and I bet many other people. I played FF6 when I was older than when I played FF7, yet I like FF6 more.

This is proof you are wrong.

In addition, I played Atari before NES and remember those childhood memories more than when I played NES, why is it I hate Atari games now and I love FFI and games like Zelda on NES as my favorite NES game? Simply because I enjoy the game more, NOT because of your claim that I like my childhood memories.

[My Comments: Not only is it short, but the grammar is horrific. Despite any debates currently going on about grammar, proper grammar is a good thing. Things like this make me physically ill. A simple grammar check and some knowledge on why paragraphs are separated would do a world of good.]

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