One Man To Have The Power of Many

by Bill Campbell

(This is an 'expansion' editorial to Gyde's 'Obscenity' editorial. Also, this editorial has many quotes abound. Thirdly, be prepared for some serious complaining. I mean 0 offense to anyone involved. You've been warned.)

"Power... Power is everything" one man said. It seems like the people with the power (mainly those in North America and Europe, NA esp.) aren't fully sure on their power. That's why there are so many ambulance chasing lawyers around. Whatever situation that seems good to the people for now is often taken and hard to change.

"What happened here?" The results of Gen-X and Gen-Y are astoundingly negative. About 1/4 the people in NA are junkies, freeloaders or/and lazy. In comparison terms they're "Garfield the Cat" of the US. ("I was working, but I gave up because it was boring.") And that's just enough to bring the rest of the populous down. Those people are (mostly) near zombies, living with little aim or purpose. They live for the day and themselves.

"When the people get bored, they protest." There's another group above them that lives to disagree. These are the protesters. Whatever the topic, they seem to be against it. (A large group of them has found Against animal slaughter, FMVs, Nixon, whatever.

"The best thing to be is free from choice." If someone knows who said this, please slap them for me. "What's the point of having something if it won't be used?" Great point made there, just rephrase it work with "brain". If I want to live as a cave hermit, and never hurt the outside environment, I have that choice. Doesn't mean I will or should, but it's available. Same thing if I want to watch porn. "It's wrong." "Why?" "Well, it is! It'll warp your fragile little mind!" Moot point. My mind's been warped by harsh reality, and what I've been told to believe, than a few nude bodies. And why is a nude woman on a TV screen worse than a painting or sculpture of one? Besides, if we had to witness every internal function (like digesting) every time it happened, our minds would probably be as warped or moreso. What makes words profane anyway? We should have a maturity requirement instead of an age requirement. But on to other matters.

"The truth hurts." Definitely. But whatever the truth is, it's STILL better than what we're getting. Look at the global crises. Millions starving in Africa, near-nucular war in the middle east, a planet that's fading fast at this rate. And what do we do? We stand idle, or go about it wrongly. "I can't do a thing, I'm just one person!" WRONG. One person can do good things and have others hear of them, those that care. Those people can attract more and multiply. (Using the food example, Christians may say, "Belief in God will save you!", which is going about it the wrong way for the short-term. The way I, and many of my friends say, is, "A few planes full of food will save you!".)

"Though there is hope." People around are constantly trying to improve the situation. Efforts great and results grand, but still so much there is to be done. Anything from cleaning up rivers to picking up trash to powering down unused appliances will help immensely later on. (How one can have the power of many.)

With that done, pardon the bitching.

-EE "Mr. Truth Man"

"I say what must be said and do what must be done to ensure truth and freedom."

[My Comments: OK, so this one wasn't quite so bad, except for a few things. Firstly, using opinions as fact is BAD. "1/4 of people in NA are..." Many people would ask you what study you got the numbers from. Another thing, follow a consistent path. This editorial seems to jump around with no apparent reason for being written. In fact, I still don't have a clue what it's about.]

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