Bias Against Nintendo

by Thomas Maluck

Is it just me, or are a lot of gamers biased against Nintendo? If you're one of those people I already see your flames coming, so don't bother. First off, I'd like to say that I'm loyal to Nintendo. That does not mean I buy every game they make, though. It means that I buy their quality games, like Legend of Zelda and the upcoming Perfect Dark. Some editorials I have read are comparing old Nintendo games to the new Final Fantasies. For one thing, the fact that these games can even BE compared with Nintendo's games having a good point shows the quality in their games. Second of all, the old games are pretty much the ones that made it possible for FF7 and 8.

Next topic is on Nintendo's delays. Some gamers say that Nintendo spits on the face of their fans and lies to them. When did this happen? Nintendo hasn't told a major lie so far. They don't say a game will be ground-breaking unless they mean it. And quit whining about delays. Because Nintendo delays a game does not mean they are teasing you. It means they are fixing code and framerate so that you won't whine about THAT when it's released. Take Zelda64 for example. Every time it was delayed, I heard people state, "with all those delays, it's gonna suck" and "I hate Nintendo." What did they say when it was released? "What a great game!" "A must-have!" "Nintendo does it again!" I wonder how they would respond if Playstaion or Sega delayed their games for an extra month. Then they wouldn't have another system to turn to. (Note:I have seen PSX and DC in action. They are great systems, so don't accuse me of hating them.) Besides, if a game is delayed, find something else to do. That one game isn't the holy grail. It's mere release won't make a difference once you beat it in a month. Then you'll just complain about how Nintendo delayed it's next game. And if you use a player's guide from the beginning, I don't see how you can even talk about game experience.

Now, here's my final argument: Project Dolphin. Once it is released, gamers won't be able to whine about a cartridge format; it'll be DVD-based. And don't start about the fact it can't PLAY DVD movies. That's being greedy. Advanced video games and advanced movies should be different things. Besides, what if you want to play Final Fantasy XV (we all know there'll be one) but your mom wants to watch Titanic? Unless you want your mom in your room when she watches movies, you'll need a second DVD player. I'm not going to tread into Internet gaming, I've already discussed enough debates to be flamed until I change accounts. If you'd like to E-Mail me, it's at

Please don't respond with questions like "but should we accept..." I don't want game philosiphies, just good conversation. Thank you for your time.

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