Grammar:The Essence of Quality Writing

by Stephanie Waugh

In response to “The Decline and Fall of the English Language,” and the following responses, I would like to add that if one’s goal is to get his/her point across, it is best achieved through correct grammar usage. If an editorial was filled with improper English, the reader would most readily believe that the author was not credible in his/her work. By using proper grammar, one shows his/her intelligence in what he/she is writing. By showing this intelligence, one shows that he/she can be believed and can better persuade his/her audience in believing his or her ideas.

By saying that grammar is not important as long as one gets his or her point across is a paradox because by using correct grammar, one shows that he or she cares enough about the issue being written about that he or she is trying to make and makes an effort to use proper English in conveying that issue to others.

In addition, improper grammar usage can cause the reader to be biased of the remainder of the editorial, speech, or other such writing. If the reader was to see that the author did not know how to use proper grammar, he/she would think the author was uneducated, leaving him with the belief that the author was ignorant and erroneous.

Once again, I must state that through proper English, a writer shows credibility, effort, and intelligence. With these things, one can achieve the goal of conveying concepts and ideas to the readers. Only through correct grammar usage can one effectively transmit the ideas of the writing to the readers.

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