Obscenity? You Donít Know the Meaning of the Word

by Mitchell Gyde

[Editor's Note: All text in italics are censored words. Also, since the censored version was more censored than it had to be, I ended up censoring what needed to be censored. So if I did a half-assed job, I apologize in advance. My thumb's broken.]

(Note: ironically, I had to censor this editorial just to have a chance of it being posted. Even the title has been changed. If you want the "directorís cut," email me with "obscenity: uncut editorial" in the subject line, and your email address in the body. Also include whether you want it as an HTML file attachment, a wordpad file attachment, a WordPerfect 8 attachment, or just in the body of the email)

I hear people whine about morals and good taste. I hear them say that the depiction of sex and violence in various forms of art and other media is the cause of all the problems in the real world. I watch people saying the same thing I just said being ignored simply because their opinions are just as unsupported as the opinions of many who disagree with them. I shout a few words which other people call dirty, foul, and nasty. They point their finger at me and shout "obscenity!"

I get disgusted when drive-by shootings in areas commonly known as "inner city" are ignored. I become even more disturbed when days later, a nationwide media blitz breaks out because of a school shooting in some backwater town that named their municipal and their schools after words which were previously known only to farmers. People in such neighborhoods suddenly panic. They start blaming guns, video games, gothic music, trench coats, and everything else except the crazy assholes who pulled the trigger. To top it off, there are still people who say things like, "ignorance is bliss."

Obscenity? You donít know the meaning of the smurfing word!

In World War II, everyone picked on the jews because the fact they were spread thin amongst the world made them an easy target for ridicule. We didnít mind the Naziís state endorsed hatred of the jews. When the "Third Reich" was on the verge of defeat, we were surprised by the millions of people who were slaughtered because they were either Jewish, or a member of another minority. People all heard the slogan "Never Again" shortly afterward. This is the most classic example of what happens in a society in which the people donít have the legal right to disagree. Despite this commonly known historical example of genocide, we have people who, to this day, still think "ethnic cleansing" is a good idea. One known recent example of the attempted implementation of this concept was in Yugoslavia. The only crime committed by those sentenced to death was not having the legal right to disagree with the "official" religion. BTW, the official religion is supposed to teach all the dumb smurfs to "love thy enemy."

Obscenity? You donít know the meaning of the smurfing word!

In medieval Europe, people were drafted into a mass army formed by multiple nations by the church to travel to some foreign land to slaughter a group of people because they had different beliefs and they occupied a certain piece of dirt. Another thing about medieval Europe was that if you wanted to die a slow painful death, all you had to do was say something along the lines of, "I donít agree with the church." They would be all to happy to label you a "heretic" and burn you to death like the sadistic smurfing hypocrites they were. In the southern USA, circa 1900-1970s and beyond, if you werenít white and you were marching in a peaceful demonstration, it was considered ok for the local police to gun you down. All of this is credited to the fact that they didnít have the legal right to disagree.

Obscenity? You donít know the meaning of the smurfing word!

Today, people say that itís wrong to depict sex or nudity in any way. When such matters were legally considered "taboo," most cases of rape were never reported. Of those that were, only a small percentage of them were even arrested. In that same era, if a adult male decided to marry his thirteen or fourteen year old cousin, nobody thought anything strange about it. The reason was because such combinations of the then-legal combination of incest and statutory rape were actually commonplace. An example of this, which is well known to the literary community, was author and poet, Edgar Allen Poe. (If I misspelled his name, you can kiss my ass) Nobody ever heard of these thing back then, so it just kept happening. Today, such things are looked down upon, simply because the subject isnít so "hush-hush" anymore. Despite this, people still tell us that hearing about such things will "warp our fragile minds." BTW, itís the same as saying, "ignorance is bliss."

Obscenity? You donít know the meaning of the smurfing word!

I hear people say that seeing fictional violence will cause us to think violence is acceptable. They say that showing graphic depictions of death is "glorifying" violence. In an age when motion-pictures were still very young, war was depicted as being "romantic, honorable, heroic," and a bunch of other glorifying things. Dead bodies were depicted as always being "clean, honorable deaths." Such films were commonplace when the U.S. finally decided to enter the first World War. Young men who were drafted into the army were sent to Europe with the notion that the war was going to be fun. Even the dumbest idiots who somehow survived the first couple of minutes of actual combat figured out that it was all a lie. Today, war is depicted in movies as being the bloody, gruesome, horrible collection of death and destruction that it really is. Today, we say that war is wrong. Coincidence? I donít think so. Yet, people say that we should do away with fictional violence because they somehow got it indoctrinated into their heads that "life imitates art."

Obscenity? You donít know the meaning of the smurfing word!

We have people in every single nation (with the U.S. being no exception) trying to have the rights of the public stripped away. The right to see "obscene" art is the first thing which comes to mind when people talk about these things. However, what Iím afraid of losing is the legal right to disagree. By now, if you still havenít figured out how important the right to disagree is, then I guess you donít mind the bloodshed that follows the sudden depravation of peopleís right to legally disagree. If you still think ignorance is bliss, then I guess itís ok for adults to marry adolescents just before they get all psyched to be drafted into a war that started over something incredibly stupid. Why does history repeat? Why is everyone too damn stupid to learn from the past? Iíll tell you why: every time something causes a panic, we always aim for a "quick fix." They fix the problem so quickly, the same problem is still here today.

Obscenity? You donít know the meaning of the smurfing word!

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