Selphie's Role in FF8

by Rob Janney

Selphie's Role in FF8 is interesting, but not because she is a well developed or unique character. As was stated, her primary role was comic relief, but the deeper reason behind that is to make her a foil to the serious and bleak portions of the story usually centering around Squall.

This said, I do think that some of her lines/actions were very well placed. I think the best example is the Ragnarok scene after Squall lets Rinoa allow herself to be taken away and sealed by Esthar. It's a big emotional downpoint in the storyline, and coming right after the the emotional high of space sequence, it needs something bright and humorous to keep it from being down right melancholy. Selphie flying the Ragnarok accomplishes this brilliantly - I laughed out loud and briefly stopped thinking about what a mistake Squall had made.

Sure Selphie looked great in her skimpy little outfit and made humorous "violent bimbo" remarks, but to call her the best character in the game is to elevate her small role to stature it doesn't deserve. She was, at some points, a very well written role character, but she didn't change at all over the course of the game, as far as I noticed, and most other "party" characters did. The appropriate comment might be "Look at all that character development bounce".

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