Why you think you like FF6 the best

by Luke Adams

I've listened to the debate over which FF was the best, why FF6 is far superior to 7 or 8, and I just had some thoughts about why many might feel that way. I believe there are 2 reasons: 1) the old games let you reminisce about your childhood or younger years, and 2) it was a time when rpgs were your own personal toys.

First off, yeah I'm one of those people who just started playing RPG's when FF7 came out; I loved that game, my friend and I played nonstop until we got out of Midgar(and then there was actually more to it than that one town!)and I've played it again 3 more times. After I finished FF7 I played the FF5 and FF6 roms, when the anthology came out I bought that, when FF8 came out I bought that too(I've also played Tactics, Xenogears, Chronotrigger and most other recent RPGs). I think the fact that I played them all roughly in the same time lets me have an objective view of their qualities. I like FF7 the most; I think its characters were as developed as in FF6 or FF5, each had their own sidequests and histories. I loved the materia system, I actually felt for the characters, and Aeris' death scene nearly brought me to tears. FF7 was vastly superior in gameplay and plot, not just graphically, and Sephiroth kicked ass! Has there ever been a better villian (or a better theme song)? I just didn't enjoy FF6, what was the point of the game, what was I trying to achieve? It needed a better evil villian as well, Kefka looks like a fruity clown, is he supposed to be menacing? The job system of FF5 was interesting(but Tactics was better), but the story was weak, and the characters were just dumb(Faris-if she was so hot, how the hell could Galuf and Butz not notice she was a girl!).

The reasons people believe otherwise- well, people played these games a long time ago and they have sentimental value to them. Its the same reason I still love playing old nintendo games like Kung Fu and Excite Bike; even though the graphics suck and its essentially the same thing over and over, it brings back good memories of when I used to play them with my brother a long time ago. They remind you of more carefree times in your life, when you didn't have as many responsiblities. At the same time, FF6 was the last non-mainstream final fantasy as FF7 brought it to the general public. Its no longer your personal secret source of fun, you can't have them all to yourself. Its this fact that leads many to have an elitist point of view towards players such as myself. Like a great artist or musician you knew before they became famous, you loved them before it was cool to do so, and after, you feel cheated when everyone else enjoys them.

There's nothing wrong with liking the old games, but before you say something ridiculous like how much better FF6 was, I suggest you go rent the Anthology and play them again, then play FF7 or 8. The Anthology will suck because after playing FF7 and FF8, the old games will just look and play crappy. Its not because of the minor slowdown or horrible translation errors, that's just a way of justifying to yourself why they aren't as fun now as you remember them being. Of course they were great when you played them the first time, but that was when they were the only RPG's out there, and times have changed. I think anyone that plays the games in sequence today will come to the same conclusions I have and realize the error of their ways.

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