Rebuttal to 'The Fear of the Online RPG'

by Joe "Tabris" Rinaldi

Original Editorial: The Fear of the Online RPG

Oh, afraid of the Online RPG, are we.

Don't waste the effort. There's very little to be afraid of, especially in a console-based one.

First off, hacking won't be nearly such a problem. PC-based security is pathetically weak, and character information is stored on the computer itself, thus making it accessible to anyone. However, console-based information is stored on a memory card, on one's -own- unit. Tell me, how do you hack that?

Second, what are you crying about 'no storyline' for? If the developers are worth two cents, they'll have -hundreds- of storylines all ready to play out with a character of -your- creation, a character who, in another sense, IS the storyline. It is the story of -your- character, how you deal with certain events, other players, NPCs, monsters, etc. etc. etc. And those stories will change, become new ones, depending on how your character reacts to things. And before you even say anything, yes, other players -will- start out on certain storylines before others do, however, that will only give it more depth, if the player does not simply choose to move on to another one. And eventually, new storylines will come up that involve nothing but PCs, at least, with serious Role-Players. That's what role-playing is all about.

And don't give me a load of bull about no 'final boss'. The presence of a boss would only limit the game. Of course, there'll be powerful enemies out there, NPC or otherwise, that more than fill this gap.

As with any online game, there'll be dumb players too, you know, the kind that sit around and act stupid. (The RPG equivalent of the AOL-chatroom adolescent, if you will.) They'll quickly find no place for themselves on online console-based RPG's. From reading RPGamer columns regularly, I can tell there are plenty of true, serious gamers that will ensure that. They'll become no more than another inconvenience, like a goblin or whatever that attacks you in some dungeon. (Attack, kill, be done with it.)

And even if you refuse to see any possible virtue of online games, there's still plenty of non-online RPGs still being pumped out, so just sit your discontent selves still and stop complaining. And if you choose to accept online RPGs as something new and maybe, just -maybe- something -good-, one applauds you for being open-minded. And even if they are horribly flawed, so what? At least you can still have fun. Isn't that what it's all about?

And as a final the writer of the editorial that this is a rebuttal to, I -seriously- feel sorry for you, if you wish you enclose yourself in a bubble and play the same game over and over, and never open your mind enough to enjoy anything new. When you finally get sick of it, where will you be, then? (I really, really hope you weren't serious when you said all that...)

I would welcome any replies, rebuttals, or what have you.

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