A Reply to Another Elitist Bastard Letter

by Jouni A Harjunmaa

Original Editorial: Another Elitist Bastard Letter

While it is true that FF2a is a "lesser" game than FF4j, a few sentences in Mephtik-X's editorial do stick out, in a not-so-good way. Some of the errors and inaccuracies make me think the author either has a very bad memory, or has not played both FF4j and FF2a.

The Cure: Many emulators our translated by people that actually want to do it. Many college programmers and coders makes EMUs and spend time and effort on the translation, why and how? Because they aren't getting paid, they don't have deadlines, and they want to do this. A perfect example is Final Fantasy IV(of course the theme of this letter).

A nitpicky comment, but it needs to be said nonetheless. "Emulators" are not translated. And emulator is a simple piece of software that runs programs designed for another system. In the case of FFIV, it is the ROM image itself which is getting translated. Emulation authors rarely translate games themselves. These "unofficial" translators are not even in league with emulator authors, so to speak. Emulation simply makes it easier to distribute the finished product. Anyone with a cart copier can play a fully translated FFIV with a genuine SNES.

While most gamers would say Dues is the hardest RPG boss to date, they haven't felt tension and nervousness till they face Zemorus, unpussified. I myself have beat him once, out of the trillion times I have tried. His Meteo and BIG BANG spells do to much damage, only a player close to level 99 has a chance. And his magical defense is indomitable, making Bahamut almost useless. He's the Omega Weapon version of Dues, shall we say...

Debating the hardest boss to date is another matter (Deus? Gimme be a break), but Zeromus is far from being "the hardest". At decent levels, try 60, he can be beaten without too much trouble. And Bahamut? He will do thousands of damage to him, making him far from useless.

Also many sidequests like the Adamant Armor and Crystal Sword[a meer secret in the American version] were bogged down with bosses and out of the way treks. Although they were all easy and most Americans could complete them, they were still removed for us, the infidels...

First, what about the Adamant Armor? Nothing directly related to it was removed in FF2a. The Adamant Armor can be obtained by bringing a Pink Tail to the tail collector. Getting the Pink Tail is done in the same way in both FF2a and FF4j. It involves getting into random fights in a certain place, hoping that a certain monster will appear, and hoping he will drop the pink tail. The only difference in FF2a and FF4j which can be said to be related to the Adamant Armor is the lack of an item called Alarm from FF2a. Using this item, it is easier to get into fights with the rare-to-find monster. Very few are available in the game itself, however, so it hardly makes the quest easier.

Second, the Crystal Sword. Again, no differences here between FF2a and FF4j. in FF2a it was called the "Ragnarok", but it is still obtained in the very same way. Finding and fighting a tough boss in the final dungeon. Yes, the boss is easier in FF2a, but then again all fights are.

This one just pisses me off, Squaresoft was to lazy to include many of the key value markers of this game. The 'elitist' programmer's room with porno. The ArtWalls within the programmer's room. Many of the key cool things were just taken out! Many because of cultural differences or maybe because of laziness, but all I know was this was a very great experience many gamers did not feel.

"Programmer's room with porno". Let's correct this term so there are no misunderstandings. No, there are no X-rated peep shows in the full glory of 16-bit sprites in FF4j. There was simply a hidden room called the Programmer's Room. You could walk around and talk to the programmers of the game. Inside, you could also find an item called the Porno Mag. Using that item would have the lead character "read" it, with the screen turning purple and the Calbrena (Calcobreena in FF4j) music playing in the background. Simple text comments went along with that, nothing more.

FFIV is a masterpiece, but what we got was not. If you can get this emulated, do so, with utmost speed. It is all worth and in the words of the Rosa[ within the FFIV EMU I own ], "Same time as last night, Cecil?"

Let's be nitpicky once again, about the words "FFIV emu I own". You "own" a SNES emulator (they are free, though), not a simple FFIV emulator. You could say you "own" the FFIV rom. But like I said before, an english translation of FFIV has nothing to do with emulation. The reason FF4j in english is being used with emulators is because it is the only practical way of spreading it around. No one will want to copy it to a cart, and sell it to customers. FF4j in english on a real SNES is simple to do. However, emulation is what makes FF4j accessible to all us normal, non-elitist gamers out here.

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