More Crap About Final Fantasy 7 and It's Ending

by Jake Gus

Well, this is my first editorial despite visiting RPGamer for about two months now, so rather than go really in-depth on one thing, I'm gonna just throw out a few things. This is my first chance to talk about this stuff, so bear with me.

On the FFVII ending:

I was surprized, upon dusting through the old archives, to discover a person (Mike Lenzo, 12.24.97) who had actually liked the ending at first and then later disliked it. It was quite the opposite for me. When I first saw the ending, I was mad. It lacked resolution and didn't explain what happens afterwards. The dialog confused me and it seemed as if the writers just didn't have enough time to write a complete ending. It wasn't until I found this website and started looking through the archives that I was convinced how great the ending was. Well, I'm sure you've all heard this before. I realized the true theme of the story and how it really didn't matter whether or not the characters died. It was obvious that the massive destruction was necessary and it set me at ease to know that.

Here's the thing about this ending; this is proof that I do not feel like I've been dealt injustice by the ending. When I passed FFVIII, I was almost hoping that the game would end as Squall was lost in time. Part of me wanted to be left hanging or forced to go insane thinking about the ending. That was the impact the FFVII ending had on me. I started to think about the other FF games and how they were all resolved. I began to dislike the previous ending I had seen. FFVII is by far the most mysterious of the entire series and quite possibly the best. The underlying themes were the most rich and the whole darkness of the game was so real. Throughout the game you feel more and more the importance of life, and the evils of the Shinra (large corperations), who was the real threat to life. Hopefully by the end you are cheering for meteor to crush that damn city. I think having a definate resolution would have raised too much controversy. It really doesn't matter that so many things and their origins went unexplained, all that mattered was the immediate events that led up to the ending and everything pertaining to the planet getting it's chance to restart life.

As for the actual FFVIII ending, I actually liked it despite the obvious resolution. I really think it was necessary due to the theme of the game. Throughout the game you could feel the inner tension in Squall as he kicks himself for being such an idiot about Rinoa the entire time. Thus it was necessary to unite them once and for all.

So, when gauging the effectiveness of an ending, one must only take into consideration the theme. If the theme of a game is character resolution then so be it, but just don't badmouth FFVII.

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