Rebuttal to Scarmiglion

by David Sanders

Original Editorial: Pokemon is Mental Crack!

This is a rebuttal to Scarmiglion's editorial. In it he stated that Pokemon is just an advertising scheme. Well I happen to think different. First off, I am a 16 year old male. I would like to think that gives me more insight then 10 year old, but who can say?

I was first introduced to Pokemon by a friend. He gave me a video when Pokemon was first coming out here (I think it was handed out to everybody who had a subscription to Nintendo Power, but I am not sure). Anyway, I was hooked. I still can't explain it. Anyway, I followed the show. It did more than advertise, it talked about human heart. Pikachu (the main star really) stays with Ash not because Ash owns him, but because he treats him with respect, kindness, and most importantly, like a friend. These are all qualities we should have for each other. It is in my personal opinion why this hasn't just faded away like some other fads.

Now I will admit there is a LOT of marketing for Pokemon. But hey, would it really make a difference if it wasn't marketed? Maybe, but in this writer's humble opinion I would say not. I cried when I saw Pokemon: The First Movie. It is one of the few movies that has ever gotten an emotional response from me.

In conclusion, Pokemon is more then just a marketing scheme. It is all about a boy and his friends, traveling together on a journey of discovery.

[Archival Note: The editorial being rebutted here was written by Durandal, and was improperly credited to Scarmiglion when posted.]

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