In response to "Another Elitist Bastard Letter" by Mephtik-X

by DJ EuphoriKa

Mephtik-X made some good points, but he seemed to forget a couple of details that I thought I would point out:

1.) Us Americans and our whole thing with our kids seeing curse words on TV (Which I find ironic, because while other countries have television content an inch away from pornography, you don't hear about other countries having high school shootings, do you? But I digress...)

The difference between,
"If you want your whore back bring me the Earth Crystal.."
"If you ever want to see Rosa again, you'll bring me the Crystal.."
was that if some twelve-year-old's mother walked through the living room and happened to take a gander over at what her son was playing, and saw the word "whore" on the televison screen, well...

The basic idea is that whatever doesn't fit into the Christian-defined American system of moral values will raise all sorts of hell on this side of the Pacific. I remember my parents' reaction when they saw Barret utter the "s-word" (gasp! "Mario never said THAT!).

Well, he ain't exactly Mario, is he? Which brings me to my second point:

2.) For some reason, everyone but those who watch anime and play RPG's seem to think the target audience for such things is still the 6-12 crowd, like it was back in the day with the NES. I have personally either witnessed or experienced this scnenario on several occasions:
(Happy anime viewer sitting on the couch waching some anime (Let's say Ghost in the Shell for the sake of the example.) And his mom walks into the room.)

Mom: Aren't you a bit old for cartoons?
Happy Anime Viewer is too busy reading tiny subtitles to answer.
Mom: Wow how can you read th- Hey! Was that a nipple? And what did she just say?!? That guy just exploded! What kind of cartoon is this? Are there seriously little kids watching this sort of thing?

(At this point the happy anime viewer fruitlessly attempts to explain to his mother that just because it is animated does not mean it was made for children. His mother therefore concludes that it is some sort of porno and sends the now-unhappy anime viewer to his room.)

I'm sure a lot of people have experienced/witnessed/heard about some sort of scenario like this happening to them, their friend, a relative, or a roommate's brother's best friend's cousin's lab partner.

By the same token, this happens in video games. If someone who has a mother that still remembers them playing Super Mario Brothers on their NES brings home a copy of Resident Evil or Silent Hill or Metal Gear Solid, where every excuse is found to kill people off using excessive firepower and displaying plenty of flying guts (particularly the Resident Evil series), his mother would have a heart attack.

Publishers should stop worrying so much about making sure video game translations are politically correct and everything, and just concentrate on making them accurate. Gamers aren't 8-year old platform-jumping goomba-stompers anymore, and we can handle a few sexual references and cursing.(just don't go overboard, but that's a whole different rant...)

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