Final Fantasy..RPGs..the fans..and the sequels..

by Dai

To the RPgamer staff, and Darien, and all you rpgers out there:

Oh, goodness, but we do love RPGs, hm? Those good-gumdrops that we simply ache for, and yearn for. Seriously, though, I apologize. I thought this should be adressed to not only the staff of rpgamer, gamers, and especially you, Darien. I sound imposing, or something, eh?..Well, fear not. Nae..have only one fear: the fear that sequel-fever is getting the better of beloved Squaresoft. Let me explain:

Perhaps I'm going off on a rant, here. I fear Final Fantasy IX. Does anyone else? It used to be I would quake in joy at the thought of one of those new 3-years-in-the-making treasures falling into my hot hands. I knew I was going to get quality..not quantity. Now, I'm not so sure. FFVII? wonderful game. It was the basic formula and first big-system transition for our beloved series, and it came out wonderfully. FFVIII? Pretty. But I could care less for the seemed..jumbled..confused. It never seemed to go at the right pace. I have been a roleplay gamer for YEARS now. I even go for paper rpgs, so it's not as though I'm biased. Not even against other companies. But Final Fantasy will forever be my proving ground for should be the best, and live up not only to its reputation, but make new ones.

The point of this short rant is relatively simple: Squaresoft. Is there any way one gamer can voice an opinion that should truly be looked at? As an artist, I feel it important for companies to consider its consumers. The general feeling I've been getting from various sources is that FFIX ( Forgive me, but I meant nine..been awhile since I used so many roman numerals :) ) is that its going to be taken with a grain of salt. Gamers and editors alike seem nervous, because it doesn't seem to have...quality. Yes, This next FF is going back to its Medieval roots..and that's FANTASTIC, because FFT was a masterpiece, and it had that old school feeling. I think Squaresoft should poll its consumers on FFIX. I'm not saying it will be terrible, but this next installment simply doesn;t seem to have the quality. It could be wonderful, and i will still be there to buy it the day it comes out. But As gamers, I wonder if I'm the only one who doesn't have a "sixth sense" for this "quality". We've played the games..we know what we like.

There's nothing wrong with overhauling a project to try to make it better, right? Perhaps Square should look into it this time. I've seen them do better. Much , much better. It's a creative decision, and part of the creative process. I ask to you, Darien, the editors, and perhaps even a few gamers out there. Do you agree with me? Disagree? No opinion? I have an opinion. And I wonder if there's any way a gamer can relay his feelings to his beloved gaming publisher. And, if I'm the only one who feels this way about FFIX.

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