Selphie's Importance

by The Psycho

Let me say this flat out: Final Fantasy 8 was very boring in parts.

With that said, let me state Selphie's importance.

She may look like a ditz or a not-very-good type of character, but in my opinion, she is perhaps the best character in the game.

I'm not talking about her being the best in strength and stuff like that. I am talking about her persona. Everytime she says something, it makes me smile. Parts like when you are on the train, discussing the President's abduction, she blurts out, "And blow them to smithereens with a rocket launcher". That made that whole part of the game more memorable only because she said that line. All the other characters are either boring (ahem...Squall) or annoying (cough...Zell...hack). She is serves as the comic relief in the game.

She does it so well, that when you see the final movie with her in it, it just makes you grin and say, "She's so funny."

I would definitely have to say that Selphie is the best character in Final Fantasy 8 (followed by Seifer, Edea, and Quistis) just because of how Square portrayed her.

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