Women, RPGs, and New Game+

by ShinKarasu

I have been a fan of RPGamer all the way back when it was on Dragonfire and went by a different name. I figured now would be as good a time as any to write in. I am probally going to open some old debates, but what they hey.

First, I would like to talk about the role of RPGs on my dating relationship. When my girlfriend and I started going out, she hated..I am using HATED...any type of video games. All from action to driving. She would get mad if I even suggested her playing one. Then she had company over who had little kids and she dusted off her old SNES for the kids to play. A little while after that I came over, saw it out, and suggested she at least TRY one game. After much whining and begging she aggreed. Ecstatic I went home and tried to find the perfect game for her. It needed to be fun to play, easy to get into, doesn't require quick reflexes and is pretty easy. Then my eyes fell onto the perfect choice...Chrono Trigger! I thought back to the beautiful memories of when I first played it. I took it over to her house and we started playing. Having never played an RPG before, it took some time to get into it. Eventually she got better at it and we would spend nights sitting together and her playing it while I helped her out. Now some of you are thinking how dumb that sounds, but it was a lot of fun. It was us doing something together that we both enjoyed. Now this brings me to my next point...New Game+!

I have thought and thought about it and I can't understand how this has not become a standard feature in RPGs. A while back there was a poll on RPGamer about that very same fact and a whopping 90% answered they want it in all RPGs. Now this was one of the things that made Chrono Trigger so bloody fun. You could play through it again and really concentrate on the story and side quests without the pain of leveling up. I can't even begin to count the number of times I have played through that wonderful game. What really seems to get me is that fact that it would probally be easier to incoporate it now because of Memory Cards. You have all the data right there on the card and it would be a simple matter to start the game over agian with everything. But alas, no company yet has brought back the wonderful New Game+. We have things close to it; The ability to play any order of the chapters in SF2, the 4x experience point system of LufiaII, and the closest one so far..Parasite Eve. Even that one didn't have it right, in that one you could only keep your items, but that still brought be back at least 5 times. I just am wondering when the companies will see how much we love and want that option that they will make it standard. Untill that day, my girlfriend and I will sit together and play our Chrono Trigger.

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